who are we?

In a nutshell... We customise and manage a "chosen by you" template to suit your unique image and branding. This will ensure that you will have a website to be proud of. 
We manage websites not only for actors, production companies, and writers but for anyone who would like a personal or professional site whatever their business.

A bit about wong & blake... 

Infinite Ignition was born out of the passion that both Stevie-Rose Blake and Kimberley Wong had with a view to help ignite actors with their marketing. After graduating and a lot of research later... it was brought to their attention that most actors were not made aware of one crucial tool that is essential for every actors toolbox. Ladies and gentlemen... "The business of acting".

Believe it or not folks, in the initial stages of an actors life it is 80% business and 20% performance. 

An article by "Acting in London" suggests...  

"Some actors are hesitant about creating websites and consider them a waste of money; others just don’t know how to do it or forget about them altogether. The reality is that websites are a great actors marketing tool, especially when you can put your own ‘www’ address with your personal name on the acting CV/resume, your business cards, your acting profile at Spotlight and other casting websites. Plus, you register yourname.com before any of your fans or other actors do".




"Your personal website will simplify the whole process for every industry person interested in you. Whenever they get your resume or you give someone your business card, all they have to do is go to your domain using phone, tablet, laptop or office/home PC (technology is everywhere these days) and learn everything they need. Use your acting website to put up your resume, headshots and picture galleries, multiple showreels (short and long), biography, news about your current availability and other promotions".  

Wong & Blake are experts in the business of acting due to extensive research and education in this field. They have both equally spent a lot of time and cash developing their resources to ensure they get up to date knowledge on how actors/creatives market themselves in our present day.  

With backgrounds in IT & Marketing their decision to team up together was a no brainer with the primary objective to help fellow creative individuals and businesses to develop and secure their online presence.  

In the Digital Age, it is imperative to have a high quality professional website to showcase your work to casting directors, agents and other business associates.

To put it simply Wong & Blake are your missing link. If you are experiencing the daunting task of understanding the process of website development and marketing. Then their simple yet personal consultative approach will be of unequivocal benefit to you.  

a few months away from graduating?

In the acting world, you always hear the term "be proactive".

So what does being proactive involve? 

Wong & Blake offer one to one sessions focussed on the business of acting. 

Make a head start and take ACTION...